Archive for Manitoba Furs This forum is for bringing together furries from Manitoba and nearby lands. Furry events and other relevant issues will be discussed.

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No more Free Parking at The Forks
Canadian Furries Amino
Need a place to live? WELL WE NEED A ANIMAL TO LIVE WITH US!
miss lonely….
Christmas potlock - preferred date?
Furry League of Baseball Winnipeg Team
Festival du Voyageur! - Tentative dates
Christmas potluck date
Improv Night - ideas go here!
Reflection, explaination, and possible return
Magic M13
Who wants to walk in the Pride Parade this year
wheelies fur meet?
Meet idea.
Phone questions
Happy holidays.
Furry's Favorite Pop
Christmas potluck (part two)
Jets Tickets
How did you find out about the forum?
About Second Life...
My Major Concern Lately...
iPod Survey (help me out)
Anybody willing to sell any KH or FF games?
Furry Survey
Style Sheets
Are you what you eat?
Favt Platform
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A big clustercuss.