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Question about fabric markers
Ooraka's first digital arts
Kittox Finally Has a form XD
Serious Photography
Custom Ponies FTW!
I am create new story
First Submission on FA :D
Orion Snow
IT BEGINS (again)
Any 3D artists around here? Or animators?
I can't draw, so I write
...and sew!
Holy crap the bull can draw!
Don't do digital art much
Check out my new Chainmail Bracelets
Cat Ears
Fur Corsets...
Brainstorming for my fursona.
And thus, it begins! ('suiting)
Fursuit Tutorials!
Con Badge
New Picture of Boss
Please Help....
New tail! Whoot!
Reference Commission?
Zenix's new tail
Pillow Sham
Tail i Commissioned
Thinking about opening up my apartment for building fursuit.
Need tail help
Last minute halloween crafting
Mirror's new tail
Doornobishly doodles
In need of money help- 3$ con badges/fursuit tails
Fursuit and pet Photography
New tail!
*rapes other people's art styles*
Art and story based off a song and video
painting <3
Fabric Site that delivers to Canada
MAPLE - coming soon
quad suits
Wolf looking for fursuit [Update]
Artistic training?
Ice's tail (for those that haven't seen it)
Dragon needs some horns
random question for creative furs
Yes.. Another one :P
Fursuit drumming - new video!
My First Sketch on my Tablet!
Furries in a music video
CimmaronSpirit's new Attachment
somthing's fishy....
my tattoo WIP
Aurora Frost's new suit started
Juri the Gryphon
First fursuit (Learning along the way)
Gyaru Poodle
The Gryphon's Favorite Thing
I want to make a mask for my okami / youkai fursuit
My attempts at Photoshopping
Extra materials
Lynx WIP
Would some one be willing....
Artistic Versions of Your Fursona (digital or drawing)
Furry Twelve days a Christmas...
Cute animal pics and vids
My first fursuit (still i progress)
Foam Heads for head making...
Advice for a first-timer?
I miss this suit
Fursuit Build Nights Till Halloween, 2010
Crafter's Resource
Mack's Corner (Updated with commission info)
Looking for musician
Artwork by Shogin
Ravtrags fullsuit progress
Fursuit Building
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